TeacherHow.com Acquires WillowoodDevelopmentalCenter.com

Teacherhow.com has announced its acquisition of Willowooddevelopmentalcenter.com. Located in Jackson, Mississippi, Willowood Developmental Center is a multi-purpose agency that provides education, therapy, vocational training, and employment services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental needs.

What Is TeacherHow.com?

Teacherhow.com is a site dedicated to anything related to the art of teaching. This includes useful information and resources offered to anyone bold and dedicated enough to teach. The site provides advice and assistance educators need and allows teachers of all subject areas to connect and share valuable knowledge.

If you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or even a policymaker, Teacher How provides you with the help you need and can even shed light on what is happening in today’s schools. Using Teacher How and Willowooddevelopmentalcenter.com is a logical step, as both parties are dedicated to achieving some of the same goals.

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What Does Willowood Developmental Center Do?

Willowood Developmental Center is the only agency of its kind in the Jackson Metro area of Mississippi. The center’s mission is to support, educate, empower, and advocate for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The licensed daycare runs residential and daily programs for pre-school age children experiencing developmental delays. They offer care and education for up to 240 children in a play-based learning environment.

Besides this, vocational training and guidance are provided to assist developmentally disabled adults with finding work opportunities. Participants learn valuable skills such as cooking, grooming, budgeting, and household management to help them become more independent. The educational program has trained dozens of adults to become professionals in the field of intellectual and developmental needs.

Staff at Willowood Developmental Center Willow are friendly, knowledgeable, and hard-working. The center provides a supportive and caring environment for both students and staff, and a typical day is full of learning and appreciation.

The nursery’s name was inspired by the willow tree because, just like the humble tree, the center is flexible and adaptable in meeting the needs of the individuals they care for and serve.

Care and Learning

Willowood Developmental Center is dedicated to catering to the needs of all, irrespective of age, background, or race. Combining the center’s mission with the information found on Teacherhow.com offers a greater understanding and awareness of specialized learning and how to best prepare students for the real world.

Professional educators are like other experts—they must constantly learn to improve their craft. The acquisition of Willowooddevelopmentalcenter.com by Teacher How will provide educators with the knowledge and tools they need to excel.

Teacherhow.com was created by Mustafa Onay and includes blogs with topics related to the requirements needed to become a teacher, how teachers should treat students, how to uplift students needing additional support, and much more interesting and helpful content.

Teacher How is committed to growing and helping a wider audience, having previously acquired Caseycrocodiles.com.

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