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Who Are Casey Crocodiles?

Casey Crocodiles are the proud members associated with Casey Elementary School. Located in Austin, Texas, the school is part of the Austin Independent School District.

Casey Elementary School is a dynamic institution that boasts having exemplary staff and students. The school’s foundation is built on high expectations and academic excellence, where each child is nurtured to reach their maximum potential.

The school understands that creating responsible citizens requires the entire community to work together. That’s why staff, families, and volunteers join forces to encourage critical thinking and foster a lifelong love of learning in students. There is undoubtedly a feeling of commitment, unity, and devotion expressed by everyone associated with the school.

Fun fact: the school is named after Miss Bertha Florence Casey, who taught for 41 years in the Austin Independent School District. Her students adored and admired Miss Casey, and her devotion is a true inspiration for past, present, and future teachers.

Casey Crocodiles have an active following on social media, with the school sharing events, highlights, and notices through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow

This is the inspirational motto of Casey Elementary School. Students who have attended the school since its opening in 1999 will attest to the high quality of teaching and support provided by teachers.

Moreover, the TEA’s 2022 State Accountability Ratings ranked Casey Elementary School as an “A” school, with the institution also receiving a Distinction Designation for Top 25% Comparative Academic Growth.

It is no surprise that Casey Elementary School’s performance puts it among the top schools in the state, showing how they truly live by the vision of “educating the leaders of tomorrow through innovation and creativity.”

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