RiversEdgeAcademy.org Acquired by TeacherHow.com

Teacherhow.com has announced its acquisition of Riversedgeacademy.org. Located on Platt Boulevard in St. Paul, Minnesota, River’s Edge Academy is a school that offers small class sizes, and the tools students need to accomplish their goals in life.

What Is TeacherHow.com?

Teacherhow.com is a site dedicated to anything related to the art of teaching. This includes useful information and resources offered to anyone with the boldness and dedication to teach. The site provides advice and assistance educators need and deserve, and allows teachers of all subject areas to connect with one another and share knowledge.

If you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, or even a policy-maker, Teacher How provides you with the help you need and can even shed light on what is going on in today’s schools. Using both this site and Riversedgeacademy.org is a logical step, as both parties are dedicated to achieving some of the same goals.

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What Does River’s Edge Academy Do?

River’s Edge Academy is a charter school that strives to keep classes small and emphasizes relationships, community involvement, and character growth, amongst other things. Their goal is to maintain a 7:1 student-teacher ratio, which allows for a learning experience that is more beneficial for both students and teachers alike, not to mention the community.

At River’s Edge, they consider the learning experience to be something that takes place both in and out of the classroom. They even require their students to take part in various activities in the community, allowing for a better and more productive relationship in the end.

Riversedgeacademy.org allows prospective students and their parents to get the information they need before filling out an admission form.

Learning by Doing

For most students, learning by doing is what’s most effective for them, and students receive that opportunity while at River’s Edge Academy. Combining the school’s information with the information found on Teacherhow.com makes sense because it creates the opportunity for one-stop shopping when you need details about teaching and how to best prepare students for the real world.

The World of a Professional Educator

Professional educators are like other experts—they need to be constantly learning if they want to improve their craft, and the acquisition of Riversedgeacademy.org by Teacherhow.com will provide teachers with the tools they need to get even better at their jobs. From now on, there will be lots of resources that all educators, students, and parents can take advantage of easily and quickly.

Set up in an easy-to-understand format, both Teacherhow.com and Riversedgeacademy.org provide lots of ways for teachers and others to hone their craft, but it’s the detailed information in both areas that will be most beneficial to everyone.

Teacherhow.com was created by Mustafa Onay and includes blogs with topics related to the requirements needed to become a teacher, how teachers should treat students, what teachers should and should not wear, and much more interesting and useful content.

Teacher How is committed to growing and helping a wider audience, having previously acquired Willowooddevelopmentalcenter.com.

For additional information, contact theteacherhow@gmail.com.

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