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As of early 2023, has merged with

The acquisition will be of particular value to teachers and educational institutions by raising awareness of the capabilities of technology in education and providing information and tools to help them innovate.

What is Teacher How?

Teacher How is a platform created by Mustafa Onay and is dedicated to learning and teaching. It offers teachers essential skills and advice on handling everyday situations that occur in schools and involve students of all ages.

With material from both teachers’ and students’ perspectives, aims to provide an accurate and realistic representation of the current educational system.

Some of Teacher How’s most popular articles are:

So, if you’re a teacher, student, administrator, parent, or even a policymaker, Teacher How can provide you with the information and advice you need!

What is was created by James Sanders, the Chief Innovation Officer at EdTechTeam and the Founder of Breakout EDU.

Having also served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House working on education initiatives, he truly is a passionate educator with a long list of remarkable experiences and achievements. transpired out of Sanders’ desire to revamp and revolutionize the conventional K-12 education system by leveraging the power of technology.

Through the website, Sanders wanted to create challenge-based educational experiences that promote critical thinking, allow for local and international collaboration, and foster student imagination.

The website also features interesting blog posts about setting goals, the immense importance of technology in the classroom, ideas related to teaching, and personal experiences and anecdotes.

Ultimately, aims to empower educators with the tools, resources, training, and support needed to become their most effective selves.

Inspiring Innovation

As the first teacher in California to go entirely paperless with Chromebooks in the classroom, Sanders is never too far from inspiring innovation. This is also evident with, which offers exceptional resources, strategies, and ideas for teachers to adopt in their classrooms.

The content available on is proof that the age of simply lecturing in front of the class is dead! Instead, modern educators are encouraged to be curators of engaging learning experiences and design interactive, challenging lessons that cultivate creativity and aim to solve real-life problems.

To fulfill its goals, the website includes a rich catalog of videos on Math, English, History, Science, and PD for teachers.

Additionally, Sanders travels the world helping teachers, leaders, and governments develop technology integration plans and ensure that educators have the skills to create dynamic learning environments for their students.

This is achieved through practical training and workshops, such as the “That Exists?” session on websites and online tools that will transform learning and bring excitement back into the classroom.

“10 Ways to Use YouTube in Your Classroom” is another workshop that helps teachers and parents learn how to leverage YouTube successfully so that it becomes a benefit rather than a distraction for children. and creator James Sanders have also been featured in Edutopia, the White House Blog, the U.S. Dept of Education,, the New York Times, YouTube, and many other respectable media platforms.   

Shared Vision

Both and Teacher How place great emphasis on using technology to enhance learning in the classroom.

With the content available on both websites, users can educate themselves on the capabilities of current technological advancements, get insight into the real-life experiences of teachers and students, and offer valuable strategies and tips on incorporating more innovative initiatives in the classroom.

Through the merger, teachers, parents, and administrators become empowered to utilize the latest devices and digital platforms to boost the participation and attainment of students.

Finally, the shared vision of both sites will ensure that the topic of innovation in education will reach a greater audience, allowing educators and stakeholders to collaborate better for truly transformative outcomes.

Teacher How is committed to growing and helping a wider audience, having previously acquired

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