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It has been announced that Teacher How has acquired, which will see control of the website so as to provide educators and students with better learning materials.

According to the press release, the website, owned by the Village English Language school in Ontario, Canada, has officially merged with

What is, a website of Village English Language School, is an English training school that has existed for more than 20 years. The school offers training in the English language to students in Canada.

They mostly offer English learning experiences to students worldwide by ensuring that the students get the best experience while studying English.

Village English shows its commitment to student excellence by adapting and implementing the latest English curriculum objectives for its students. With competent and knowledgeable staff, students have a high chance of excelling in their English language.

Village English Language School has long been praised for its wonderful teaching staff, who offer amazing training to students.

The mission of Village English Language School has always been to enable students to achieve their English learning language fast.

They are very committed to ensuring that the student’s schedule is not interrupted, and that is the reason they always adjust their timetable to suit their students best.

In the past, the school has partnered with CIMT College to offer students from Village English Language School an opportunity to further their education by enrolling in Diploma and postgraduate courses at CIMT.

Even with the merger of with, their students are assured that they will continue receiving top-quality learning materials and equipment just as before.

What is

You might be wondering what Teacher How is. is a website that is established for teaching and education purposes.

It was created by Mustafa Onay, a teacher with over a decade of classroom experience in four different countries.

The site offers valuable advice, knowledge, and resources to anyone interested in teaching and education.

You can find information on what not to say to students in class, the requirements needed to become a middle school teacher, and whether students in elementary school should be receiving homework.

They also give parents an opportunity to get insights about the things that happen in schools so that parents get a better understanding of how to manage and support their children.

It also provides information to administrators about the current trends in schools today. This will help them get an idea of how they can improve their schools and make learning more enjoyable and easier for staff and students.

You can imagine all the things that you, as a teacher, parent, and administrator, stand to achieve through the merger of Teacher How with

What Benefits Will Village English Language School Get From the Merger?

Village English Language School benefits from better learning tools and knowledge that Teacher How offers.

Through the acquisition of, teachers and administrators will get a better insight into how to make learning more effective since they will have greater material from both websites.

TeacherHow.Com is well known for providing advice to teachers about how to handle different situations among students in class. For example, they will be able to find out how to help students that keep falling asleep in class, and if students’ possessions can be confiscated or not.

The knowledge and advice that teachers gain from will help them create a peaceful and safer environment for all students to study in.

Furthermore, Teacher How empowers students with additional educational tools to help increase their knowledge of the English language. The students themselves can read about whether teachers can ask students personal questions, or if they can say their grades out loud.

All of this information will help teachers and students have a better understanding of the classroom.


Teacher How has always been dedicated to empowering teachers, parents, and administrators in education.

The acquisition of by Teacher How will certainly benefit all parties and ensure that the provision of education is improved across the board.

Teacher How is a growing community and is committed to its mission of providing answers and information on teacher-related matters. This is evident by its following on Instagram and its previous acquisition of

Mr Mustafa

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